Relationships in Islam: Haram or Halal?

Relationships in Islam have always been a debated topic. Muslims have warring opinions on whether relationships are haram before marriage in Islam or not. In this article, we explore what Islamic scriptures say about relationships in Islam and also discuss both points of view.

Relationship Haram in Islam?

Some Islamic scholars believe relationships before marriage are haram in Islam as they involve intimate interactions between unmarried couples. This belief is based on the following verse from the Quran (24:32): “…and not to be intimate except with their spouses or those who are rightfully theirs, for then they are not condemned…” From this verse, some scholars make the case that relationships before marriage involve a certain level of intimacy that should not be engaged in before marriage.

Muslim View on Relationships

Most Muslims view relationships before marriage as forbidden, or haram. This is due to the fact that relationships involve intimacy , which should only be experienced after marriage. Additionally, in some countries engaging in premarital relationships is seen as worsening the reputation of both parties involved. Furthermore, it goes against chastity and modesty practices which is praised in the Islamic faith.

Disapproval of Premarital Relationships

The majority of Muslim scholars disapprove of premarital relationships and consider them haram. They hold this opinion based on the description of the prophet Muhammed (peace be upon him) in the hadith: “The most perfect of my nation is the one who refrains his desires in his youth most stringently.” This hadith reinforces refraining from premarital relationships as the most perfected way of living.

Other Side of the Argument

There are different points of view on relationships before marriage in Islam. Some scholars believe that if the couple is of marriageable age and is not acting in any immoral fashion, then their relationship should not be considered haram. They rely on the verse of the Quran that states “Let the married couple be as protectors of each other” (9:11) as evidence to support their stance.

Pre-Marriage Courting

Muslims view courting before marriage as a positive sign of proper relationships that builds trust in the couple and strengthens their bond. Courting should not involve any physical contact and should remain in the confines of Islamic teachings. Through courting, couples can gain the knowledge about each other’s good qualities, character and habits, which helps build a strong foundation for their marriage.

Balance between Halal and Haram

Relationships in Islam should neither be extreme or haram nor open-ended or too permissive and should be within the limits of Islamic teachings. Couples should also keep their relationship as far away from any immoral behavior as possible and try to uphold the highest standards of morality.


In conclusion, it is important to remember that relationships in Islam should be based on mutual trust and respect with both sides avoiding any kind of excess or vice. Couples should observe moderation and adhere to the Islamic teachings when it comes to relationships before marriage.